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Check out the free story pages.  Click on the link pages at the sidebar.  Enjoy a story and a few fun recipes. There is a free Easter Story--"In Sickness and Health." Also check out my Valentine's Day Story and two Christmas stories as well. Get a taste of my writing  as a gift from me to you! There are romance and family stories mixed. Enjoy!

Explore the tasty, fun recipe pages that go with each holiday!  Fun family recipes that we enjoy.

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August...back to school.

Check out my educational books for kids...posted below. Get your child ready for kindergarten! or Jump start them into the world of reading!

 Book #2 sequel to Romantic Endings,  Book 1, 
"A Home for Christmas" is...ready to read!

     "A Soldier's New Year" (Click here)

(Kindle and print available)

Tanner's brother, Mark Johnson has returned unexpectedly....for good. 
   His military tour was up and he had not re-enlisted. No one would understand the feelings that had been swimming in his head. He wasn't suffering from PTSD or anything like was the dream of him holding a baby! And he didn't even have a girlfriend!
   It wasn't just the dream. It was the feeling that had stayed with him. But was he even ready to start settling down? What did he know about taking care of a baby anyway?
    Julia Foster's life had not turned out the way she had planned. Her husband had died from a drug overdose from an addiction he had kept hidden while they were dating. She was pregnant and barely making ends meet. She didn't have time to date. The persistent, handsome Marine kept showing up, trying to rock her already unstable world  but she couldn't handle another relationship right now.
    When Mark saw Julia for the first time, he knew she would change his world, but when she stepped out from behind the counter and he saw that she was pregnant, he knew why he had been dreaming of holding a baby. He couldn't get her...or that baby... out of his mind. It wasn't in his training to walk away when life got tough. No matter how many times  Julia said she didn't need anything or anyone, Mark knew he was supposed to be in her life...and Julia was meant to be in his.

Newest Release for Christmas!

"A Home for Christmas" book 1

Kari needs a home for Christmas and Tanner needs a wife! Maybe the accident that brought them together was no accident at all!
    Kari's roommates moved out and she lost her job. Her mother had remarried and moved two states away. She had been on her way to a job interview when the handsome cowboy had backed into her tiny Geo with his huge Dodge Ram.
    Tanner had sworn off women after being left standing at the alter. His grandfather thought he needed a wife and had left a will stipulating the if he wasn't married by his twenty-sixth birthday he would loose the ranch. Christmas Eve would be that day. No wife. no ranch.
    When Tanner heard the injured girl tell the EMT's that she had no one to contact in case of emergencies, his mind began to make a plan. Kari needed a home and he needed a wife! 

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 Christmas Novels:

         Enjoy a Christmas story and a cup of hot chocolate!   

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(Short story)

Released last Spring! 2017

"Divided Hearts".....Nina's heart is divided between two brother's. There really isn't a choice, though her heart begs her to choose the brother she knows she will love forever.      Love doesn't matter when accountability must govern whom she should marry. She knows that she owes everything ...a lifetime of the brother that will have to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair because of her. 
   When tragedy strikes twice, is Nina being punished for making the wrong choice?  

Kids educational book! Education is Important! Author Donetta Loya enjoyed her 13 years of teaching preschool and her 18 years of Homeschooling. Here is volume 2 in her "Get ready...Get set" series.
Volume 1, "Get ready...Get Set...Go to School" will guide a parent through getting their child ready for Kindergarten. Volume 2 will guide a parent through steps to jump start their child's reading! 
   "Get Ready...Get Set...Read!"

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"A Dangerous Romance"....For most people, Valentine's Day meant chocolate, flowers and falling in love. But not for Isaac Morris and Sadie Carter. It was the beginning of a dangerous romance.  They had worked together for a while and had fallen in love, but they didn't expect to be running from Sadie's Ex-boyfriend on the one day of the year to celebrate their new found relationship. 
    Sadie's life was being threatened. The only thing Isaac could think of was to get her out of town and head home to his family's farm in the middle of Idaho. There his family could help protect her. 
   Sadie had no family and nowhere to run when her life became out of control from a past mistake. Isaac was her knight in shining armor. He stepped up to protect her. If she hadn't already been in love with him, she would have been by the end of it all. Issac made her feel cared for and safe. How were they to know the next few days would become the biggest nightmare of their life. 

A Dangerous Romance click here and go directly to Amazon.

New Kindle Novel released today!
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"Christmas Cookies  with a Pinch of Love" (click on link!)
Meet Derek and Jasmine. Derek is full of the Christmas spirit and he spreads it to all around him. Jasmine had forgotten it was even Christmas until Derek rescued her from her irate Uncle.
    He invited her to make Christmas cookies, that lead to finding her a Christmas tree, Christmas Caroling, ice skating, and Christmas movies!
    Jasmine finds unwanted help with her romance through the elderly ladies at the care center she works for. Through their loving advice and lack of hearing, Jasmine finds her days filled with happier times.
    Derek plans every way possible to spend time with Jasmine. How could Jasmine not fall in love with a man who makes Christmas Cookies?

Kids books! Reading is a great gift to anyone! 

"The Tenderhearted Fairy" was written with my Granddaughter. She was 4 at the time. She wanted a story about a we created one together.
      This is a book about friends who are sharing and kind, who give from the heart. They are also compassionate, and together they help a sad little kitten find its way home.

"The Brave Knight" was a blast to put together for my five-year-old Grandson. Gideon. He heard me talking to his sister about writing a book and he said, "Grandma, I have a story in my head and its ready to come out!" He proceeded to tell me this story of Gideon and his friends, the Brave Knights. He told it without pause and I had to write fast! The whole story is Gideon's...I was just the tool to help it come out of his brain! Enjoy!

Journals are a great gift anytime! Being able to write your thoughts and feelings down during special times. It is great personal therapy. Write your feelings, your hopes and dreams, your goals...all can be recorded and help you find balance in your life as you write things out.

This journal is a large line print. The theme is a barnyard and the pictures reflect all the animals you would find in a barnyard.  Cow, horses, cats, birds, sheep, etc... It also includes quotes about writing from famous authors. Black lined print.

This is a special journal full of colorful flowers and sayings about being cheerful and feeling grateful. This is designed to be a 30 day gratitude journal. For those who need to focus on 'counting their blessings' and finding the gratitude in their heart again.  Colored print.

This is a beautiful journal designed for every day writing. Blank lines ready starting a new year of journal writing. Black print.
    Cookbooks make perfect gifts for those who want to learn more about cooking and the art of homemaking.

"In the Kitchen with Gretchen-Let's Make Bread"  was designed by my 12 year old daughter. It is a step-by-step, photo book of Gretchen making bread. "If she can do it-so can you!" Follow the simple directions and make perfect loaves of bread every time. Our family recipe included.

Cooking on a Tight Budget  was created for the beginner in the kitchen.
Simple recipes and tips for cooking from scratch. There are sample menus for those living on tight budgets--like a college student or newly married. Hints on how to shop healthy and tips for stretching the dollar and still eat great meals.
     Recipes are back to basics...biscuits and gravy, beans and cornbread. How to cook a roast and many more easy recipes!

Books.....Great gifts for all seasons!
My books can be purchased by contacting me  (side panel) or find them on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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**Santa pillow and tree skirts have sold. If you are interested in a tree skirt contact Donetta Loya (info on side panels.)

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